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Cindy Sovine

Cindy has over 22 years of government relations experience working on local, state and federal issues. She is very effective at helping highly regulated industries achieve their goals and successfully navigate ever-changing legislative, regulatory and political environments. She is a Colorado native who grew up farming and ranching in eastern Colorado.

Cindy spent much of her career working in health care and early childhood education until she began working in cannabis policy in 2016 after her step-dad’s journey with lymphatic cancer and seeing firsthand how cannabis alleviated his suffering and provided a quality of life that traditional treatments could not provide. She now works in hemp, marijuana, and psychedelic policy and speaks all over the country helping states create sound policies. 

In addition to passing numerous cannabis industry and social justice bills, Cindy was the Lead Political Strategist on the Decriminalize Denver Campaign, the nation’s first successful campaign to Decriminalize Psilocybin (aka Magic Mushrooms).  She also successfully led the statewide effort to amend the Constitutionin 2018 (Amendment X) to ensure Colorado’s hemp laws remain competitive nationwide. 

Yes on 301

A Colorado native, Cindy has helped international clients such as Xerox and Blue Cross Blue Shield procure government contracts as well as helping start-up companies successfully navigate government hurdles along the way. Cindy began her career in the Office of Legislative Council, the Colorado General Assembly’s non-partisan staff, where she learned the rules and legislative process inside and out. She worked with staff on the health and human services committees and coordinated the state’s ballot initiative process before switching to lobbying in 2003.  Cindy’s current lobbying platform includes hemp, medical and retail marijuana, technology, and alternative energy. Former clients include Microsoft, HP, and nearly every industry within the health care delivery system including hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, providers and more.  

Policy and Political Experience

With Gov. Polis

Cindy began her career in 1999 in the Office of Legislative Council, the non-partisan research and committee staff for the Colorado General Assembly, where she learned the rules and legislative process inside and out. She worked with staff on the health and human services committees and coordinated the state’s ballot initiative process. Cindy made the switch to lobbying in 2003, working as the Government Affairs Director for the Colorado Hospital Association.  She worked for a major Denver lobbying firm representing a large portfolio of clients and subsequently started her own company in 2006 as an independent government affairsconsultant and lobbyist.  Cindy’s lobbying experience in health care includes nearly every industry within the health care delivery system including hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, providers and more.  In addition to cannabis, Cindy works intechnology, alternative energy, early childhood education, agriculture, and business development as well as procurement for companies seeking to do business with the State and its local governments.

Regulatory Experience

With Gov. Hickenlooper

The regulatory arena has a far bigger role in determining public policy than many realize.  Throughout her career Cindy has worked to influence issues in the regulatory arena, successfully ushering her clients’ interests through the process.  She helps industries raise their credibility while helping her clients develop successful working relationships with regulators.  She with all of the Executive Branch and local agencies but works frequently with the Departments of Revenue, Regulatory Affairs, Health Care Policy and Financing, Public Health and Environment, and Human Services.  She hashelped create regulatory infrastructures for multiple industries and has also helped her clients by initiating rule changes, re-writes and revisions, as well as repeatedly overturning regulations, either within the administration itself, or ultimately through legislative mandate.

Procurement Experience

Cindy helps clients do business with Colorado’s state and local governments.  Her connections open doors for companies wishing to create or expand their economic footprint with the state and she continually works to facilitate and develop new business opportunities. She watches the business environment and helps her clients capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Additional Experience and Achievements:

With Sen. Gardner

➢ Chief Political Strategist, Decriminalize Denver, the first campaign in United States to successfully decriminalize psilocybin, May, 2019.

➢ Chief Political Strategist, Amendment X, the successful statewide effort to amend the Constitution in to ensure Colorado’s hemp laws remain competitive nationwide, November 2019

➢ Board Member, Colorado NORML

➢ Founding Member, Board Member, Coloradans for Safe Access, Americans for Safe Access, November 2018 – Present

➢ Vice-Chair, Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care, House Republican Appointee, June 2014 – 17

➢ Public Policy Committee Chair, Board of Directors, Florence Crittenton Services Inc. December 2013 – 2019

➢ Co-Chair, Small Employer Work Group, Colorado Health Benefits Exchange, June 2012 – Present 

➢ Past Chair, Health Care Council, Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (State Chamber) 2011 – 2015 

➢ Rocky Mountain Employer Health Alliance, State Committee Chair,  January 2012 – Present

➢ Past Chair of the Partnership for a Healthy Colorado, Elected Jan 2009

➢ Founding Member of the Partnership for a Healthy Colorado, August – 2007

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